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Laura M Mattos is a brazilian visual artist residing in Sorocaba - São Paulo. Master at the School of Arts, Sciences and Humanities, University of São Paulo.Founding Member of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Sorocaba, and works voluntarily in the coordination of the Educative in Museum.

"My pictorial research establishes the house as a natural setting and its clothing as a costume for contemporary existential issues. In figurative oil painting, I use art history as a research support for the connection between my collections of genuine ordinary objects from each space and the discourses developed by artists in their pictorial challenges. I create the allegory of dressing myself as a painting through these objects with pictorial potential, at the same time that they suggest analogous and pertinent discourses to the feminine. With my work, I relate the house, its spaces to the genres of painting: self-portrait/portrait; still life and landscape"



1989-1992 EEFUSP - Graduation

2010-2011 Senac - Specialization

2011 - Founding Member of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Sorocaba

2013-2016 EACHUSP - Master


Complementary Training

2021 –Garments of faith  – ECA – USP

2021 - Contemporary Poetics - PGEHA - USP

2020/21 – Painting Monitoring – Rodolpho Parigi and Regina Parra 2020 – The Fragmented Mirror – USP School of Communication and Art

2020 – History of Modern Art - USP School of Communication and Art

2019 - Elaboration of Artistic Project - Writing and Concept - Núcleo Academy - Madrid - Spain

2019 – Elaboration of Artistic Project - Creative process - Núcleo Academy - Madrid - Spain

2019  - Creation and production of Visual Poetics - Núcleo Academy - Madrid - Spain

2017 - 2017 Oracles and Shrines - Illumination and Healing in Ancient Greece - Rodrigo Lopes - MACS

2016 – 2016 Surface Design Methodologies with Renata Rubim - São Paulo. Creative Process in tampingwith Wagner Campelo - Universe of Color - São Paulo

2013 - 2013 Artistic Production and its Reflection in Portfolio Development - Pillar del Sallum - MACS.         Experimental Projects in Art, Fashion and Design - EACH -USP

2012 - 2012 For an awareness of Space Cultural Workshops of the State of São Paulo.

Claudia Bakker - MACS

The Expographic Space - MACS

Paulo Klein - Sorocaba Museum of Contemporary Art (MACS).

2010 - 2010 The Color in Stamping Center for Studies and Research on Colors - Universe of Color - São Paulo


Group Exhibitions

2022 – 49 Luiz Sacilotto Salon – Casa do Olhar – Santo André

2021 - SP -Art Fair

2021 – Solo Exhibition: Mira-me – Andrea Rehder Gallery

2021 - Solo Exhibition: Public and Private Reflections MAC Sorocaba – SP - Historical Achievement Award in Visual Arts – ProAC – LAB 51/2020

2020 – 25th Vineyard Hall

2020 - Pause on the Network 2020 - Casa Clic

2020 - #artchallengecestou - work made available to @gerandofalcões 2020 - I National Exhibition of Visual Arts in Quarantine

2019 Discovering the Collection the Museum - MACS

2018 SESC - social service trade - Poetic of the Feminine

2017 Soy mujer, soy Latin American - Oduvaldo Vianna Filho Municipal Cultural Center - Rio de Janeiro

2016 Looks and Perspectives: Painting in the MACS Collection

2015 Winner of the Flavio Gagliardi Acquisition Award for Visual Arts

2014 MACS by open House

2012 Urban Intervention Mosaics in the city of Sorocaba - MACS and Sorocaba City Hall

2011/2010 Cultural Space Central Bank São Paulo - Women in Trans III - Installation.

2008 New York 2008- Chelsea Gallery - Women in Trans II Installation

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